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Throughout my professional career, I have focused on services and co-productions, and at the same time, I have developed a special interest in independent and risky projects

With a solid trajectory of more than 20 years in the production of audiovisual content, I have had the opportunity to work, to film, with countless directors and production enterprises in the traditional audiovisual formats.

After an extensive university education with a degree in audiovisual Communication (2004), with several specific postgraduate studies always in the area of ​​audiovisual production, I soon began to feel the passion to produce.

I start working in 1999 on several feature films for several years with countless producers and directors; Then I start to be curious about advertising area, and for few years, I have the opportunity to shoot commercials as a service Producer, with different international filmmakers, agencies and DOP´s.

Currently, since two years ago, I have returned to my film origins and I´m again immersed in the production of fiction, either in the feature film, or in the new and amazing area of production series for international content platforms VOD, and also on the interesting area of Docu-fiction.

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